About me

My name is Yvonne Groenendijk and I am from The Hague, The Netherlands. Building websites has been my hobby since 2001, back when GeoCities was still a thing. Over the years I've developed my skills and I have been working as a (freelance) frontend developer since 2010. With each project, I strife to explore new things, be it ACF for Wordpress or writing BEM SCSS, and each project has therefore been a great learning experience. Up next is CSS Grid! As the great Alfred Mercier used to say:

“What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.”

Music is a big passion of mine. The name Pink Paisley was inspired by a guitar! So, whenever I am not building websites, I can be found working as a guitar tech for Dutch artist Danny Vera. Other things I enjoy in my free time are traveling to new destinations, surfing and watching lots and lots of movies.

Being able to enjoy both my passions professionally, makes me one very lucky, grateful and happy lady.

Yvonne Groenendijk
Photo © Vincent van Dam

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